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The company Detay Kömür San. ve Tic. Ltd. Şti. was established in 2005. The company is importing coal from Russia for heating purposes and charcoal from other countries. Our company, which started with the slogan of continuous, high quality and balanced service, is making sales to all over Turkey from our sites at Samsun, Trabzon and Fatsa under the brands of DETAY and FULYAK.

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Coal is a combustible sedimentary organic rock. Coal is mainly composed of elements such as carbon, hydrogen and oxygen, and it has been formed as a result of heat, pressure and microbiological effects for a long time (millions of years) between the other rock layers. Coal is divided into types according to organic maturity;

Safe: Coal is the safest fossil fuel in terms of use, storage and transportation.
Clean: By using Clean Coal Technologies, coal is used all over the world without polluting nature.
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What is Coal?

Coal is a combustible sedimentary organic rock. Coal is mainly composed of a combination of elements such as carbon, hydrogen and oxygen.

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Considerations When Buying Coal?

Keep in mind that the calorie is not the mass of the coal that 2000 kg warms you.

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Is Coal Used in Central Heating Boiler?

COAL IS USED IN HEATING BOILERS? Burn the coal in the boiler using the cushioning method.

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Terms Related to Coal

SCREENED COAL: Sieved charcoal is a type of coal that is sieved through sieves of certain holes and classified between certain size ...

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Type of Coal

Briquette is produced by heating carbonized sawdust under favorable conditions and pressing them in a pattern.